Early Paws dog grooming salon is a relaxed space for your pooch to be pampered; where we have the facilities to groom all breeds - from tiny Chihuahua to large Newfoundland 

Our groomers, Naomi and Meg, are fully qualified and strive to make sure your dog is well looked after throughout the entire groom - ensuring any special requirements are met

Take a look through our gallery to see our spacious salon and some of our favourite grooming customers


Our prices vary depending on the breed and size of the dog as well as their coat's condition and type

For a quote, please call on 01928 714211 or email us via the form in the Contact Us page

bath and dry

All full grooms include a wash in our extra large bath, capable of accommodating all breeds, followed by a nice dry that fluffs up their coats ready for a trim

scissor and clip

Once clean and dry, your dogs will have their coat scissored, clipped, or trimmed to whichever style you have specified


A thorough brush through and comb ensures that there are no matts left in the coat - as well as encouraging good blood flow to the surface of the skin

nail clipping

No groom would be complete without ensuring the dog's nails are kept short and smooth to avoid any sharp scratches!

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