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Golden Retriever


Did you know that there is no requirement for groomers to be experienced or even qualified? Here at Early Paws, our staff are both fully qualified and have years of experience behind them which means your dog is in safe hands.

Our groomers can accommodate any breed from Chihuahua to Newfoundland so there are no restrictions! We also believe in education and giving the best advice we can in order to help you maintain your breed's coat, so do feel free to ask us any questions.

We will do our best to achieve the look you want for your dog, whilst ensuring the dog is safe and happy. At your appointment, we will ask you to fill in an information card, discuss the cut you had in mind, and then you may leave as we will give you a call once the groom is complete.

To Book -

Call: 07902148950

Message: Send us an email


Experienced & qualified staff
High standard equipment
Assistance on-hand
Fully secure salon


Full bath and dry
Nails clipped
Pad hair removed
Coat clipping/styling
All matts removed


Drop off & collect when dog is ready
Seating area if needed
Email confirmation & Reminders
Just get in touch to book
Plenty of free parking


As all dogs are different, these are just guidelines prices, please call 07902148950 for a quote.

FROM £25

Puppy Trim

This comprises of getting the puppy used to all the smells and sights of a salon. The puppy will have a bath and dry and tidy around the face and hygiene areas.


Nail Clip

It costs just £5 to have your dog's nails clipped by us. Nail maintenance is important and the more often they're clipped, the shorter they will be over time. Prices may vary for difficult dogs.

FROM £30

Full Groom

A full groom consists of grooming all parts of the dog including nails. We have to take into account the dog's coat type, size, temperament, and coat quality in order to give you an accurate quote.

To Book -

Call: 07902148950

Message: Send us an email

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