Naomi used to be an owner of local pub and decided to convert a room specifically for grooming in 2015. She then moved to Sutton Fields, and carried over the name 'Early Paws' to set up this business as one of the Directors. Naomi slowly built up the company and still does some grooming whilst taking care of everything else! Naomi's dog Erin can always be found in reception - affectionately known as 'Receptionist Erin'.



Meg has always had a passion for dogs, and after a quick diversion at university, she soon found herself completing a Level 3 dog grooming course. After starting in 2017 as a self employed groomer here, she then worked her way up and is now Early Paws kennel manager. Meg has a Greyhound called Eva who comes to work with her every day, so say hi if you see her!


Kennel Hand

Laura's love for animals is abundantly clear and she devotes herself to caring for them all. Laura spent 8 years as a groomer's assistant and has done a number of voluntary roles before joining us in 2019. She has a lovely dog called Pip, a rabbit, degus, and a guinea pig!



Kennel Hand

Sophie has always admired animals and after completing her year 10 work experience, looking after dogs, she decided that was her goal for a future job. Sophie has a Level 3 animal management qualification so she is ready for anything! Sophie has a miniature Yorkshire Terrier called Missy who has been a member of her family her whole life!